JULY 25th, 2022

Providing the Best Video Surveillance to Ensure the Safety of Your Company

March 17th, 2022 by Republic Voice & Data

A primary aspect business owners focus on while running their company is security. While many cyber-security services manage data security, what about the security and safety of the building and the company physically?

In the modern world, while cyber theft is common, it doesn’t mean that old ways of stealing are forgotten. Hence, it is essential to have a proper security system to have peace of mind.

How do you achieve it? Well, read on below.

The Best Way to Protect Your Company from Theft or Fraud

While data is protected through cyber security, the company can be protected through enhanced video surveillance methods. If you are someone who plans on establishing a business and starting a company, putting up a security camera should be your priority. Why so? Well, it has a lot of benefits, some of which are mentioned below.

1. Reduce Risk of Employee Theft and Fraud

In the business circle, corporate theft – quite commonly known as shrinkage is on the rise, leaving identity and cyber frauds far back in the race. This should not come as a surprise because statistics have proven that 75 percent of employees have stolen something from their colleagues in one way or another.

Installing video surveillance cameras is the best approach to avoid any adverse outcomes or disputes among employees.

2. Improve Operation and Productivity

The main goal of all companies is always to move forward and generate significant profits. However, sometimes the laziness of employees and, in general, slow productivity can lead to such profits not happening.

Hence, using video surveillance cameras within workspaces might help in such cases. Companies that install cameras should have an 80 percent better productivity rate.

It’s an instinct. When you know the higher-ups are watching, you tend to complete your tasks fast and not waste time.

3. Provides Adequate Safety Measures

With proper video surveillance, companies can monitor who steps in and out of the building. Hence, companies can monitor not only visitors who come in and go but their employees as well.

Besides this, a wide-angle video surveillance camera will help monitor activities at more considerable distances down the road. This can be helpful in times of unwanted happenings or break-ins within the building.

A video surveillance camera is essential for your employees and the company’s security.

4. Prevent Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment in workplaces is more common than any of us can imagine. If we haven’t seen an occurrence or heard about one, it doesn’t mean it has not happened.

According to statistics, around 12,000 sexual harassment cases were reported this year. Considering this is only the registered number and doesn’t include employees who never stood up for themselves speaks of how evident this is.

But why do employees not speak at such times? Well, it is usually because of the lack of proof they have. Having a proper video surveillance camera will come in handy in such times. It can record any indecency in workplaces and help employees who go through such triggering events stand up for themselves with proper proof.

5. Storage and Accessibility

Video surveillance not only records but stores the important footage too. Hence, companies can always look back on the videos and gather essential information in times of need.

This backs up just how vital video surveillance can be for any company.

Republic Voice and Data – The Best Place to Get Video Surveillance Services

Republic was founded in 1988, and since the start, our company’s primary goal has been to provide efficient working for any business. At Republic, we understand how efficiency and fool-proof security are any business’s basic needs, and our video surveillance services offer just that.

With proper installation of cameras, business owners and all other employees will work in a peaceful environment and feel secure about themselves and the business too.

Our installed cameras will work efficiently and have a durable life. The comprehensive angle recording we will provide will eye your surroundings on a larger scale. Besides the spot-on security, our services will also offer maintenance of the installed camera. So, what is not to love, right?

In the current times, while protecting your data is essential, making sure your company and the workers in it remain secure is just as crucial. We hope that for this purpose, the installation of video surveillance cameras intrigued you and that Republic will be the place you choose. Contact us today!