Author: askrepublic

JULY 25th, 2022

Providing the Best Video Surveillance to Ensure the Safety of Your Company 1. Reduce Risk of Employee Theft and Fraud In the business circle, corporate theft – quite commonly known as shrinkage is on the rise, leaving identity and cyber frauds far back in the race. This should not come as a surprise because statistics […]


2021 ARCHIVES August 24th, 2021, Republic Voice & Data Republic Voice & Data Helps Petroleum Company Thrive In the publication BIG BOOK OF BUSINESS 2021, the Business Observer ranked the top 50 private companies from Polk through Collier counties. One of Republic Voice and Data’s long-standing clients, Automated Petroleum and Energy Co., Inc, was ranked […]


2020 ARCHIVES May 20, 2022 by Republic Voice & Data Republic can help your business stay productive even with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) What is your readiness level? Many companies are taking precautions and making plans to help with containing the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Here are some tips for you to consider: -Workers can easily work from […]