AUGUST 9th, 2022

The Discovery Process- A Republic Tradition

August 9th, 2022

A religious-based center is being built in our area. The center will be comprised of a social hall, offices, sanctuary, and classrooms. Multiple functions will be held there. The center requires many technologies that our team will provide including low voltage cabling, VoIP phone solution, audio system, video surveillance, and access control systems.

Our Discovery process begins with:

  • Learning about the organization.
  • Identify building usage and specific details on activities occurring at the facility.
  • Learning the financial and operational parameters to provide solutions with expandability.
  • Engineering technologies to meet the needs of the business and their budget.
  • Spending the necessary time to demo each of the technologies to ensure the customer was part of the selection process.

The tradition of our Discovery creates a very necessary bond between us (our clients and Republic), it is where our partnership begins.