August 24th, 2021, Republic Voice & Data

Republic Voice & Data Helps Petroleum Company Thrive

In the publication BIG BOOK OF BUSINESS 2021, the Business Observer ranked the top 50 private companies from Polk through Collier counties.

One of Republic Voice and Data’s long-standing clients, Automated Petroleum and Energy Co., Inc, was ranked #10. They, APEC, are the area’s leading petroleum distributor.

Managing over one hundred locations and countless assets throughout the United States, you would think that APEC has, at its core, a reliance on technology. You would be correct in your thinking.

Naturally, that technology core has to be supported. For nearly twenty years, APEC has partnered with Republic Voice and Data.

The management of their voice enterprise as well as the management of their servers: Republic Voice and Data is the technology partner of Automated Petroleum and Energy.

How may Republic Voice and Data serve your company? Put our 32 years of experience to work to handle your data management and all telecom-related needs.

Please, contact us at (813)984-0800, option 5. A ten to fifteen-minute “discovery” call would, indeed, be time well spent. Just check with Automated Petroleum!

June 25th, 2021, Republic Voice & Data

We Are the World! Let Us All Do Our Part for Our Planet!

We are going electronic where all invoices will be sent via email. You may also request paper billing for $5.95 per month. Please contact our accounting department at accounting@askrepublic.com with any questions.

May 25th, 2021, Republic Voice & Data

The Effects of COVID-19

From the onset, the effects of Covid-19 have been pervasive. The effects have presented businesses with challenges specifically related to IT and Telecom. Do the challenges below sound familiar? Republic Voice and Data, 32 years in service to our clients, is ready to assist your team to overcome those challenges.

  • Security Issues demand attention. And with the numbers of remote workers ever-rising, malicious software and phishing attempts MUST be thwarted. Everything is at stake. Gasoline pipeline companies and water supply companies are not the only targeted businesses.
  • End users (your employees) often do not have the right software to do remote work. Republic Voice and Data’s experience and process-oriented methodology ensure that your team members will have the right software and hardware to be effective.
  • End users (your employees) do not have appropriate network access. Republic Voice and Data focuses on ensuring that those remote workers have network access that is fast and secure. Our process checklist considers each employee’s role, permissions to be granted by management, and other factors.

Republic Voice and Data stands at the ready. Look to Republic to DELIVER your company from the negative effects of the current health crisis.

April 6th, 2021, Republic Voice & Data

The Big THREE of VoIP Phone Systems

  1. VoIP phone systems use the same internet connection that a company already uses and pays a carrier for. Can nearly eliminate the need to pay for copper wires that landlines run on. Reduce monthly telecom expenses!
  2. VoIP phone systems offer feature sets that previously only large corporations using costly PBX hardware had access to. Examples of those feature sets are:
    1. Automated attendants
    2. Call queues,
    3. Computer integration, which allows voicemails to be sent to email inboxes.
    Additionally, computers can be turned into softphones. That last feature can save you dollars on phone hardware!
  3. VoIP phone systems give remote workers access to their business phone systems from their mobile devices. Ultimately delivers better availability and thus better service can be delivered to your clientele!

March 4th, 2021, Republic Voice & Data

Three Benefits of Recording Business Calls

  • Simplifying the onboarding process for new employees. Recorded phone conversations can be a great tool for introducing new employees to your company’s call techniques and styles.
    Listening to recorded calls can speed up the process for new agents to get a grip on key elements you want to convey.
  • Assessing employee’s performance. Call recording provides managers with data to quickly identify individual and team performance. Dashboards provide “at – a – glance” analysis.
  • Improve the quality of your team’s customer service. By listening back to calls you can spot the customer requests that caused issues or difficulties for your agents.
    Then use that to adapt and refine your team’s responses for the next time those requests come up again.

February 2st, 2021, Republic Voice & Data

Trending WFH – Work from Home Communications

2020 created a new precedent of “Working from Home”.

The graph illustrates 38% of all Americans are now working from home and will continue to do so.

An additional 37% are Hybrid users with a choice to work from the office and or from home.

That is up to 75% of our work force having the flexibility to Work from home.

The focus of today’s unified communications (UC) is to provide quality gear that is both flexible and portable.

January 21st, 2021, Republic Voice & Data

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Video Surveillance

  1. Video surveillance deters crime. Potential criminals will see that you, as business owner, have taken steps to protect your business and your clients.
  2. Video surveillance protects the outside of your business. Take extra care to ensure coverage for back alleys and rear entrances, and any area where people may try to conceal themselves.
  3. Video surveillance increases parking lot safety. Reduce vehicle break-ins and vandalism, as well as increasing the personal safety of your employees and customers as they enter and exit their cars.
  4. Video surveillance is powerful evidence for injury claims. Fraudulent claims such as slip and fall injuries can be extremely costly.
  5. Video surveillance may reduce your insurance premiums. Insurance carriers often look for positives when evaluating a business risk. They, too, look to reduce the cost or frequency of loss.